The success of the survival of the Warsaw

The green Inferno can boast the first success. Survival from the Polish Studio Spooky Jar just over a month since the release of the early access sold almost 100 thousand copies. So turned the cost of production and marketing.

The success of the survival of the Warsaw

The success of the survival of the Warsaw Poland!

Green Hell from the Polish Studio Creepy Jar, debuted on Steam Early Access just six weeks ago, and already boasts the first great success. As reported by the developers, their survival game, where your task is to survive in the heart of the Amazon jungle, has been sold in more than 93 thousand copies. This means that the production and marketing costs of the header have been recovered. From that moment on, he begins to make a living.

Green Hell so we can refer all range of games from early access that have managed to achieve less or more success. The only question is that the base of players will be able to keep on building successfully. If all goes according to plan, the Creepy Jar can look to the future with a lot of optimism. Full version:

Although Green Hell still doesn’t provide a full map or catalog of animals (the latter will be added as early as this week), it already draws attention with its attachment to realism. The developers consulted with experts on survival, so during the game you should pay attention to a number of factors that affect the state of the hero – appropriate nutrition, moisture or dangerous flora and fauna. The atmosphere of alienation and constant threat put on a good score for a Couple. Currently 84% of more than 1400 player reviews are positive.