Game Review Green Hell

Game Review Green Hell

Game Review Green Hell PC Version:

Once we get into the right gameplay, we have a lot of opportunities. We need to look around and start meeting our basic needs. We can check their status by looking at our watch. It shows hydration, hunger or fatigue. The problem is that even at the lowest level of complexity, these indicators are falling too quickly. This is palpable especially after the tutorial where we were led by the handle, and in survival mode the possible options is just much more and it is difficult to decide on specific steps. And so on the principle of ” drowning for a straw grabs” we drink water from the stream, because our hero craves.

This, in turn, leads to the fact that in our digestive system parasites appear, and this in turn makes us lose nutrients faster. One quick decision has big consequences, so sometimes it’s worth thinking more or looking for another solution, because then it can only get worse.

In addition to basic needs, we must also keep in mind our mental state. Any not very pleasant event lowers our level of” Sanity ” that in critical situations can cause vomiting and hallucinations. But I noticed that our hero too easily falls into madness. The appearance of the usual leeches or falling from a low height contribute to the fact that the level of “sanity” falls. A bit strange, but since it’s early access, I hope it will be balanced.

Game Review Green Hell For PC


Green Hell Download, of course, offers a crafting system. This is quite simple – just pick up some object from the ground and in our notebook there are “ideas” on various useful things. Then go to the screen backpack, select the desired ingredients and so formed a new object. Especially in the beginning it is important when we need to create a simple ax or kindle a fire. Speaking of ax. I have a problem with them that they collapse too quickly.

Sometimes after the first blow to a tree the tool falls apart and it is necessary to look for components on new. Maybe it’s realism, but during the game annoying. Especially since, unlike real life, not every medium-sized stone we can pick up – sometimes it’s just texture, so materials for another axe aren’t available ot, Yes.

An interesting option is the possibility of “audit”. With the mouse, we look at our limbs in search of, whether leeches or scratches, and sometimes places after a snake bite. Such an audit allows us to better match the next steps to stay alive. Oh, since I mentioned snakes! In the tutorial, we are faced with any representative of the fauna of the forest, but for some time after the start of the game there is a brutal clash with reality. You can go to the rattlesnakes, Panthers, or even aggressive to us tuned wild tribes. Most meetings with these” opponents ” ends in death.