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The success of the survival of the Warsaw

The green Inferno can boast the first success. Survival from the Polish Studio Spooky Jar just over a month since the release of the early access sold almost 100 thousand copies. So turned the cost of production and marketing. The success of the survival of the Warsaw Poland! Green Hell from the Polish Studio Creepy Jar, debuted on Steam Early Access just six weeks ago, and already boasts the first great success. As reported by the developers, their survival game, where your task is to survive in the heart of the Amazon jungle, has been sold in more than...

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Creepy Jar

An independent Polish developer Studio with an office in Warsaw, founded, including former employees of Techland. Creepy Jar creates performances designed for personal computers, and his debut project is a pecetowa survival game called Green Hell available here. Creepy Jar History: The history of the jar Creeps group begins in 2015, when Techland employees decided to leave its ranks and create their own development Studio. For developers in whose portfolio you can find games such as Xpand Rally Xtreme, Mad Riders, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Dead Island, Dying Light and Dying Light: the Following, soon joined by people who...

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Game Review Green Hell

Game Review Green Hell PC Version: Once we get into the right gameplay, we have a lot of opportunities. We need to look around and start meeting our basic needs. We can check their status by looking at our watch. It shows hydration, hunger or fatigue. The problem is that even at the lowest level of complexity, these indicators are falling too quickly. This is palpable especially after the tutorial where we were led by the handle, and in survival mode the possible options is just much more and it is difficult to decide on specific steps. And so...

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